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Daniel Barenboim is an outstanding humanist, and a socialist in general.  His
humanist outlook is in my own view greater and deeper than his immense
artistic talents and qualities.

Though he left Argentina as a very young boy, when his parent migrated to
Israel, and of course he has become an Israeli, he has never forgotten the
land that brought him up (not a frequent situation with Israelis of
Argentinean origin), and he has always found some week in the midst of his
agenda to come here from time to time and offer his art to his
fellow-countrypeople in the South.

Recently, he came here for a long series of concerts which he felt he needed
to offer us, together with a long conversation with the public (many of who
were students of music academies) which he did almost for free, just because
he loved to do it. In fact, he inserted this trip to Argentina in the midst of
his agenda because he felt he could not leave us alone in the current
situation. Detailed info can be found on Argentinean newspaper websites (for
example, La Nacionline) of the last three or four months.

Barenmboim is an example of what Argentinean Jewry could have offered the
world, had it not been for the intelectual backwardness of Peronism, Zionism,
the 1955 coup and its consequences, which finally either drove Jews away of
religion by assimilation or kept them as Jews but by clinging them to the
State of Israel, and catering mainly among the well-to-do Jews. The withering
away of the vibrant Jewish cultural scenario of Argentina that one could find
between 1920 and 1976 is one of the cultural tragedies of this country, a
tragedy that will seldom be recorded.

In a sense, Barenboims humanist views were the mainstream views of the
Argentinean Jewry of the mid and late 60s. Not a surprise if the death toll of
the 1976 dictatorship was so heavy on Jews. And it should also not be a matter
of chance that he used his Argentinean passport to enter Ramallah...

On Barenboim, in Spanish, you can have a look at the following links from

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