Response to David McReynolds on endorsing October 26 national antiwar protest called by ANSWER, IAC

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at
Wed Sep 11 15:27:54 MDT 2002

Right on Fred F. and Adam L.,
	i think David M. calling Workers World a "tired old group" is also
a classic case of psychological 'projection.' i've observed "tired old"
David M.  becoming relatively conservative.
	On another list (Independent Progressive Politics Network) I
noticed David M. making conservative assertions which he couldn't defend,
i.e. to the effect that no revolutionary government has ever won a
democratic election - and then David M. was surprised and reluctant to
believe when contributors told him about the Nov. 1984 Nicaraguan
elections won by the FSLN.
	Dayne Goodwin
> > This is the same tired old Workers World group - surely we can do better
> than
> > endorse their action.
> >
> > David McReynolds

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