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Wed Sep 11 15:54:27 MDT 2002

The Brazilian military have shifted their political and strategic views
drastically. They have discarded their old strategic theses, which made
Argentina their most probable foe, and have moved all of their troops
from the Southern borders (actually, the only really existing "borders"
of Brazil) to Amazonia, where they will confront American
agression against Brazilian national integrity; at the same time they
are supporting a democratic, independent and popular course for
Brazilian politics. The Uruguayan military have also begun to shift
their positions and now they are siding with their own population
against the IMF and foreign neocolonialism.

There is plenty of information covering these developments in the
Reconquista-popular mailing list. Since both Marxmail and R-P share
members, perhaps some among these might translate the pertinent pieces
from R-P for English reading cdes.



Louis Proyect

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