Response to David McReynolds on endorsing October 26 national antiwar protest called by ANSWER, IAC

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Wed Sep 11 16:03:09 MDT 2002

--- Dayne Goodwin <dayneg at> wrote:
> Right on Fred F. and Adam L.,
> 	i think David M. calling Workers World a "tired old group" is also
> a classic case of psychological 'projection.' i've observed "tired
> old"
> David M.  becoming relatively conservative.

It wouldn't even bother me half as much if SPUSA was even making the
PRETENSE of putting in the kind of energy into building a mass movement
that Workers World has. And it's not like WWP tries to push its views
or make sure that the movement is politically "in line" with their
positions. They don't build and work with these movements to build
their party; they build them for the sake of building them. That
attitude is royally lacking among left groups, the SPUSA included.


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