David McReynolds [a good and solid word for him, from me]

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 11 16:56:25 MDT 2002

David McReynolds is not on Marxmail -- so I'll say a good and solid word for
him.  I'm frankly surprised at the Roast-David tone of a few of these  Fires
on Marxism Discussion. He's devoted many decades to the Cause and he
certainly deserves  much better than this.

I have no idea what David's view of working with Workers World may or may
not be -- and I'm not greatly concerned one way or the other. [I, myself, as
an individual, recently and publicly endorsed the ANSWER/IAC-sponsored
October demonstration.] I know relatively little of the intricacies in and
around Workers World et al but it and ANSWER/IAC seem quite capable of
carrying on their work very effectively.

But what I do know is this:  The situation on ASDnet, which involves many
good people --  but many of whom like the old "Silent South" say regrettably
little -- has been marked by some  of the most consistently vicious
Red-baiting I have ever seen. And much of this has been directed against me
in a very personal and crude sense by Leo Casey and Bogdan Denitch and a
very few others.  David McReynolds [along with Duane Campbell of DSA
Anti-Racism and several additional good folks at ASDnet] has been a clear
voice against all of that poisonous crap and I have personally found him
most supportive.

Much, much more to the really basic point, however, David has been from the
outset a very solid voice against the current War, has consistently
advocated a genuinely justice-oriented approach in the Middle East, and is
certainly very much and always against all of the efforts to initiate war
against Iraq. And he is, of course,  a most dependable voice on behalf of
human rights and civil liberties in every respect.

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