David McReynolds [a good and solid word for him, from me]

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Wed Sep 11 18:10:38 MDT 2002

--- Hunter Gray <hunterbadbear at earthlink.net> wrote:
> David McReynolds is not on Marxmail -- so I'll say a good and solid
> word for
> him.  I'm frankly surprised at the Roast-David tone of a few of these
>  Fires
> on Marxism Discussion. He's devoted many decades to the Cause and he
> certainly deserves  much better than this.

I kinda expected you to post something like this, Hunter.

I want to stress something--I have nothing against David McReynolds in
any way, shape or form. I don't know the guy, have never worked with
him. I actually have a soft spot for the SPUSA due to family
connections--my grandfather, Aaron Levenstein, was long a SP member and
confidant of Norman Thomas.

But that does not change the fact that his condemnation of the
much-needed October anti-war protest is dead wrong.

Is his lack of support based on political ideas? No.
Does he think that one isn't needed? No.
Does he support the war? Of course not.

Nobody is suggesting he does--that's exactly the point. His SOLE reason
for opposing this action is that Workers World had a hand in organizing
it. That was why he condemned April 20, too. (Imagine! 75,000 people in
DC supporting Palestine, and it's wrong--because WWPers organized it!)
This attitude is incredibly sectarian and inexcuseable, despite the
(I'm sure) positive aspects of his personality.


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