Who's a Leftist?

Jacob Levich jlevich at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 11 20:00:05 MDT 2002

A friend forwarded me a typically idiotic Adam Shatz piece from The Nation
purporting to survey Left opinion on 9/11 and aftermath. As expected, it
suggests that  the Left is "in disarray."

Here are the people who are cited as representative US Leftists:

Noam Chomsky
Michael Walzer
Gabriel Kolko
Tariq Ali
Richard Falk
Paul Berman
Christopher Hitchens
Todd Gitlin
Robin D.G. Kelly
Katha Pollitt
Eric Foner
Ellen Willis
Edward Said

As always with these lists, the exclusions are more interesting than the
inclusion. I'm thinking of writing a letter to the editor, but I don't want
to make an ass of myself. So I'd be grateful if people would throw out some
answers to these questions:

1. Can ANY of these people (Ali? Foner? Chomsky?)  _at the present time_ be
considered a Leftist, or even a radical? Isn;t this a case of liberalism
representing itself as the Left?

2. If YOU wanted to do a survey piece on US Left opinion, which 5 or 10
names would you consider essential to include?

Thanks in advance!


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