FWD from Dave McReynolds

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 12 00:53:42 MDT 2002

Dear me, I'm being attacked and am missing the luxury of enjoying the

Thanks for sticking up for me, Hunter. I don't have time for another list
serve so won't ask for info on how to join the marxism at lists list. But any
those on the list who want to roast me can always send their personal (or
political) attacks directly to me - DavidMcr at aol.com

Can you let the list know I am greatly honored to be the subject of ANY


<< Subj:     David McReynolds [a good and solid word for him, from me]
 Date:  9/11/02 6:56:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From:  hunterbadbear at earthlink.net (Hunter Gray

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