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Peter Boyle peterb at
Thu Sep 12 00:55:38 MDT 2002

>>If Peter Boyle, who presents such a genial and smiling face to the
world most of the time, thinks I'm being >too tough on the DSP, he
should consider this fact: six or eight months ago, when the cautious
internal >opposition inside the DSP raised its first criticisms, he
rounded on them rather vigorously -- with bell, book >and candle, so to
speak -- holding up before their eyes the awful consequences that would
flow, by >implication, for them, if they persisted in their questioning
of the DSP's political culture.>>

Bob Gould has the DSP bogey argument down to a fine art. He tries to
make a scandal even out of a good example of the DSP's democratic
functioning. Last year some comrades asked to present a minority report
to the DSP national committee on our understanding and orientation to
the movement against neo-liberal globalisation, and to what extent we
had to change our party structures to make it appealing to
anarchist-minded "anti-capitalist" activists. The comrades' documents
were circulated, they gave a minority report, I gave the majority report
(where I also I defended our party's democratic and free-thinking
culture because it deserves to be defended) and it was discussed and
voted on.

The NC did not end the general discussion there and the ongoing
assessment of the nature of the movement has continued in our discussion
bulletins. No expulsions, no retribution. Sorry to spoil your story Bob.

Bob can throw as many insults as he likes, spread a much suspicion and
division in the left but in the end one comes back to this reality that
in the last 35 years he's built a secondhand bookshop that functions as
a centre for political gossip in inner-Sydney while we have build a
paper that sells 4-5000 copies a week and whose site receives 2000
visits a day, activist & socialist education centres in all major
cities, a united group of several hundred dedicated, hardworking,
open-minded and outward-looking activists, etc. It is a modest
contribution to the struggle but a lot more than Bob has built. Bob the
builder Gould is not.

Bob can dismiss all this as "organisational skills" of a sect with
delusions but anyone who has tried to build something like it know that
it requires quite a bit of politics to come this far, in this
imperialist country.

I listen to Bob and read his diatribes against the DSP but in the end he
defends a stale formula for the left to work within the Australian Labor
Party. But even that's really an abstraction that only takes on some
embarrassing material form on election days when colourful Bob is out
there handing out how-to-votes for the alternative party of government
for the Australian ruling class.

Peter Boyle

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