Former President's 'Hidden Treasure' Appalls Nicaragua

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>From the Wahington Post:

Former President's 'Hidden Treasure' Appalls Nicaragua
Successor Pursues Corruption Charges
By Kevin Sullivan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, September 12, 2002; Page A10
MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Sept. 11 -- Irma Maritza Lopez sat in the swampy
afternoon heat and tried to imagine what $100 million looked like. She
blinked a few times. She couldn't do it. She's a widow who washes clothes to
feed her six children. She earns $2 a day.
She groaned when asked about former president Arnoldo Aleman, whom
prosecutors have charged with looting at least $100 million during his six
years in office, channeling public money through Panama, Miami and
Luxembourg into his personal accounts, private property and luxurious
The United States has been deeply involved in Nicaragua for decades,
providing millions of dollars in military and other aid during the 1980s to
the contra rebels fighting Ortega's Sandinistas. Aleman was long a protege
of the United States, which focused on his staunch anti-Sandinista
credentials rather than the mounting evidence that he was fleecing his


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