What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #508 September 11, 2002

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                          Green Left Weekly,
                    Australia's socialist newspaper
                              Issue #508
                           September 11, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: HOW US WARMONGERS EXPLOIT 9/11

Green Left Weekly explains how the Bush gang have hijacked the fear
generated by "9/11" to mobilise public support behind their plans for US
global domination.



*How US warmongers exploit 9/11


*Refugee drownings: Labor sabotages inquiry
*DSP discusses major initiative for left unity


*PHILIPPINES: Asian Peace Alliance formed
*SRI LANKA: Ban on Tamil Tigers lifted
*SOUTH AFRICA: Social movements march on Earth Summit
*CUBA: Global environment more threatened than ever
*SOUTH AFRICA: Mass struggle is the only road
*BRITAIN: When the whirlwind blows
*UNITED STATES: Bush forest fire plan: log it all
*Asia Pacific news briefs
*WEST PAPUA: Military accused of orchestrating Freeport killings


*Corporate elite calls for Democrats split
*`We always put workers first'
*Trade unionism Abbott and Camer0n-style
*3CR hosts Timorese radio workers
*AMWU dispute: Camer0n's corporate unionism
*Big turnout for militant unions
*Refugees, religion and the war on terror


*Dayson takes legal action against AMWU
*Council supports refugees
*Young feminist to stand for women's officer position
*SRC censors refugee campaign
*Illawarra Grammar votes for refugee safe haven
*La Trobe supports refugee safe havens
*Howard receives unexpected welcome at UQ
*Ruddock shouted down
*Save Callan Park!
*Sydney Social Forum to discuss anti-WTO protest
*West Papuan leaders meet
*Meeting called to organise against WTO
*What Ruddock doesn't want you to know
*Refugees rights speak-out


*Why we hate the banks
*Demystifying Nazism
*Poem: September 11
*Afghan refugees to be interviewed on Channel 31

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