Merle Haggard.

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Thu Sep 12 11:17:47 MDT 2002


Merle Haggard is an oldtime country star.  He wrote and is still probably
best known for the quintessential hardhat know-nothing and I'm proud of it,
backlash song during the Vietnam War years and Counter-culture -- "Okie from
Muskogee".  Nixon and Agnew promoted him as a symbol of the "silent
majority". But I understand he's not behind the Bushite neo-fascist program
today.  I heard a quote from him against Ashcroft and about there being less
liberty today.   He's probably coming from a rightwing libertarian type of
perspective.  Then again, maybe something more progressive is happening in
country music (generally-speaking, a bastion of stupid and reactionary music
which has become ever more white suburban than "country" in recent years).
For instance, there's Steve Earle who looks and dresses like a biker but
says he's a "Marxist".  He's the guy who has been roasted and toasted by the
Nashville establishment and the rightwing for his song about J.W. Lindh.
The "Dixie Chicks", the most popular "country" band right now and all-girl
(which in itself is a breakthrough), also seem to be a bit liberal in
orientation, although I'm not sure how that may come through in their music.

Which Haggard songs have you been listening to?


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