post your review of Revolution in the Air on new site?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Sep 12 13:24:08 MDT 2002

Hi, Max. Glad to hear from you. I would have cc'd you with my review but I
couldn't find your email address. Please feel free to include my review,
which obviously was meant to encourage people to read the book despite my
differences over one or another question. Next time you're in NYC, let's
definitely get together. Le me know when your website is online and I will
announce it to Marxmail.

At 03:20 PM 9/12/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Louis,
>It's Max Elbaum writing, I hope this message finds you well. A friend sent me
>the review you posted on Marxmail of my recent book (and also some earlier
>mesasages from you & others on that list about it). Thanks for taking the book
>seriously and for your comments.
>I've had a website accompanying the book under construction and am going to
>use the "hook" of last Sunday's LA Times review - which I heard was also
>posted on the list you moderate - to roll it out and annouce it this weekend.
>It will include reviews, individual comments, my speaking schedule, etc. Do
>you have any objection to my posting your review on the site? And if that's
>okay, would you as author like to be ID'd as anything besides or other than
>moderator of Marxmail? If you can let me know by Saturday that would be much
>appreciated. Sorry for the short notice but I've been buried in work and have
>only just now been able to track down what's out there about the book and to
>get the website ready.
>Perhaps we could exchange thoughts about those areas where we have differences
>of opinion some time. I personally much prefer in person to e-mail and will be
>traveling a good bit this fall, perhaps I will be where you are located. Where
>is that, if that's okay with you?
>Thanks again for the review of my book, I remember some of your earlier
>comments and articles from CrossRoads days, and though our direct contact then
>was relatively minimal I appreciated your thoughts, as I do now, and it will
>be good to renew our connection.
>Best regards and peace,

Louis Proyect

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