"War Times" (was Re: Merle Haggard.)

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Thu Sep 12 15:42:03 MDT 2002

The core of the "War Times" crowd seem to be people formerly associated with
"Line of March", a MLM group that developed as part of (what Elbaum calls)
the "Second Wave" of the post-Sixties "New Communist" party-building
Movement.  They went under some years ago back in the 1990s.  See Max
Elbaum's book for more details.  Many good people.  As Elbaum says in his
book, many thousands of people were processed through the NCM and most of
them unfortunately -- I can think of many people myself like that -- seem to
have fallen by the wayside politically.  It's good to see that some are
still "doing it."  I can possibly report more about this Bay Area crowd
after next weekend.   Elbaum is coming to speak at an antiwar conference in
Burlington, Vermont.


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