A comment on Bob Gould and the Australian Labor Party

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Sep 13 02:12:21 MDT 2002

I sent this to the list a few days ago, but it appears to have vanished. So
I will try again.  Apologies if it materialises twice from out of cyber space.


This was a superb post. And the word is chosen with care. I have already
given my opinion that Bob Gould does not take us forward at all. Having
said that let me say that the question of the Labor Party (Oz) is one which
the Left have never got right in practice. Theory yes but not what to do on
the ground.  There is still residual loyalty towards the ALP among the
working class. Not as much loyalty as there once was - thirteen years of
ALP govt (1983-1996)put paid to that.  But the ALP is in office (note I
didn't say power) in all the states and territories. So they are not quite
down and out yet.

Moreover it seems to me that if there is an upsurge in struggle then the
working class will look to the ALP first and foremost. Let us presume I am
correct here, and I am absolutely sure I am.
What does one do?  Well I think that there simply has to be a counter
current which could possibly act as something which could be the embryo of
an alternative to the Labor Party and honestly I can see no alternative to
the Alliance.  I am admittedly prejudiced here because of the nature of the
Greens in Qld.  They are truly awful being led by a cabal of ex-anarchists
who have drifted down the full spectrum from left to right libertarianism.

The traditions of all the generations of plotted against, slandered,
expelled, burned out, betrayed and disillusioned graduates from the far
left organisation does weigh very heavily on the brain of anyone who is
trying to work out what is to be done. However we are in a period where the
Left (and I do not accept that there is any coherent organised left in the
ALP any more) has to come up with some organisational solutions other than
that of the same old same old of Zinovievism.  Perhaps we are witnessing
the beginnings of this beginning.  I certainly hope so and intend to
exercise some optimism here.



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