Dan Rather Admits to Cowardice of Self, American Media - in British Paper

Jon Johanning jjohanning at igc.org
Fri Sep 13 14:18:54 MDT 2002

Interesting that Dan still has a spark of conscience after all these
years of sucking up to authority -- just bright enough so that it be
allowed to be seen across the Atlantic, but not in his own country.

But then, anyone with half a wit knows that the networks have long since
abandoned any commitment they might have once had to presenting real
news. Their "news" programs (like those of the cable "news" outfits) are
sheer entertainment -- and nothing is more entertaining than a great war
flick, currently being produced by the U.S. government, financed by
taxpayers' money, and televised live from locations such as exotic
Afghanistan, soon to include Iraq.

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