Reply to Marc Cooper

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Sep 13 14:54:39 MDT 2002

Cooper really stepped over the line this time.
It's one thing to crit the left AS a leftist, but
Cooper seems to have shifted to the center/liberal camp.
Does he think he can direct the patriot ship to port?
Well, he probably will be guaranteed a better income.

As for Louis Proyect's exegesis, I have serious quibble:
Peter Boyle --NOT Boris Karloff!
(Cooper is so bizzargh as to be surreal.)

Further (not re. Lou's comments):
the USA is *already* and historically an occupied country!
Especially some particular islands over which it claims rights.
Red-white-n-blue trash, Cooper, bandwagoneering blowhard.

Civil rights?
US officals said they would not release the prisoners at Gitmo
regardless of whether they were Al Queda, Taliban, whatever.
That whole set-up is a pettifogger's rationalization for denial
of human rights.

As we know from this list--a RED leftist list, even (acknowledging a
non-red left)-- the critique of capital in no way implies a celebration
of mass murder of any kind.  I could jump on a soapbox and hysterically
denounce as OUTRAGEOUS to make such implications, but that would be

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