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A question about the recent 'reform' of immigration law in the USA -
what exactly has happened with work visas? And, how are they being
addressed by the immigrant rights movement?

Here in Colombia J-1 visas - student work visas - are a new growth
industry. These visas are issued to currently enrolled university
students to work int he USA during their school vacations. The jobs
offered are thinly disguised bottom of the barrel minimum wage jobs.
Applications are basically SOLD by US based businesses (many of them
headquartered in and around San francisco, CA.). Applicants are charged
a variety of fees by the business - ussually totaling around $1,000 US.
Successful applicants are not guaranteed jobs, and must pay all travel,
food, and housing expenses during there stay in the USA. In other words,
for an investment of $3,000 or more, sutdents have the right to live and
work in poverty in the USA for a few months.

Thousands are flocking to apply.

All the best, Anthony


Louis Proyect

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