Argentine socialist party fusion

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Sat Sep 14 08:01:39 MDT 2002

[This is from the Cuban press agency Prensa Latina. Does anyone have any
insights into its significance?]

Unification of Argentinean Socialist Parties Slated for Saturday

Buenos Aires, Sep 13 (PL) Saturday, Argentinean socialist forces will
establish their fusion into one party after more than 45 years of
divisions, it was confirmed in this capital.

The rebirth of the Argentinean Socialist Party (PSA) will be the
result of the merger of the Authentic Socialist Party and the Popular
Socialist Party and will be directed by leaders of both
organizations: Alfredo Bravo and Ruben Giustiniani as president and
General secretary, respectively.

The rebirth act of the (PSA) will adopt a declaration of principles,
statutes and a program, according to the official announcement.

The formation of the new organization was decided last June 28 with
the signing of a document in the city of Rosario. This took place on
the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the foundation of the first

That text called for the new party to become "an example of a great
coalition to transform it into an alternative able to carry out the
changes demanded by Argentinean society."

The document was signed by observers from other South American
socialist parties including: Ricardo Nuñez (Chilean Socialist Party),
Reinaldo Gargano (Uruguayan Socialist Party), Elio Alfredo Pieta
(Brazilian Workers Party) and Carlos Fllizola, president of País
Solidario de Paraguay.

At the time, it was also decided that the new PSA would support the
candidacy of Elisa Carrio, leader of the Alternative Party for a
Republic of Equals, for president in the elections scheduled for next

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