Peace Movement petition

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Sun Sep 15 10:24:35 MDT 2002

I am not from NZ, but it must be said that this "antiwar" petition,
judging from its first and last paragraphs, is pathetic. It is the kind
of petition that tries to pump fresh blood into the heart of capitalism
to save it from decay, failing to recognize its state of rigor mortis.

In the 60's Marcuse would have called it something to the effect of a
movement which, by its baseline acceptance of the terms of the
opposition, recognizes its legitimacy and thereby undercuts its own;
the 'anti-thesis' that is seduced by the 'thesis'.

Without even the slightest distinction as to whose terror or a
definition or distinction of terror, the petition suffers. As far as
'national chauvinism', if the petition had called for a stop to the
complicity of the NZ government, that would have at least had the
appearance of not begging it to carry out the joint role of NZ + local

That this petition written up by "Marxists" who are at the head of a
movement leads me to ask just what kind of "solidarity" do the most
advanced NZ workers in general, have in mind.

Is it possible for you to place the whole petition on here? Thanks.

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