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Josh carlosg at
Mon Sep 16 02:31:05 MDT 2002

(Hi, I think Philip forgot to post the petition so I've added it
below. I believe Phil is overly critical of it (and the SWO) but then
again I'm a newbie to Marxism so read it and judge for yourself.
Josh )

No NZ support for the 'war on terrorism'
We the undersigned condemn all forms of terrorism, including state
terrorism, and support all those responsible for terrorist acts being
brought to justice.

We completely oppose the US government's 'war on terrorism' which has
resulted in the deaths of, and injuries to, thousands of civilians in
Afghanistan. We are horrified that the US government has now declared
a 'second front' in South East Asia; and by their increasingly
aggressive preparations to launch a new war against the people of
Iraq. It is inevitable that as the 'war on terrorism' spreads,
civilian casualties will continue to increase.

We are appalled at the US and British governments' threats to humanity
by the use of nuclear terror, in particular their stated willingness
to use nuclear weapons against the people of Iraq, Russia, China,
Iran, North Korea, Syria and Libya.

We reject the NZ government's military and political support for the
'war on terrorism', and the link between this support and the
advancement of 'free' trade agreements.

We insist that the NZ government cease all military and political
support for the 'war on terrorism', and recall all NZ military staff
involved, including the SAS troops;

We demand that the NZ government condemns any military action
undertaken in the name of the 'war on terrorism';

We call on the NZ government to initiate and support positive ways of
reducing the threat of terrorism and war, in particular by improving
the social and economic conditions of the peoples of the world.

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