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On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 02:59  AM, Chris Brady wrote:

> A more revealing question might be:
> why did the United States capitalists help fascists
> in the first battle of WWII, a.k.a., the Spanish Civil War?

I think that's a good point. Most of the time the government seems to be
the servant of the capitalists, so -- look at the masters, rather than
the servant.

> As far as US intervention is concerned, look over the list
> and ask yourself what their average is according to your ideology.

That might be OK as a first approximation, but just calculating an
average doesn't tell you much about the details of a particular case.

As applied to 9/11 and AQ, this would mean: any time a group X takes an
action against country Y (whatever country it is) which results in 3000
deaths in an hour, you can confidently bet that Y will take out after
and try to crush X, to the extent that it has the power to do so. That's
just the way countries work. Even the best socialist government you can
imagine would probably strike back, as hard and as fast as possible
(unless it were being run by pacifists). So it's no mystery why the U.S.
govt "intervened" against AQ and its Taliban allies.

Questions that need some thought include: was there any justification
for the AQ action on 9/11, and was the U.S. govt response appropriate,
proportional, etc. My answers (so far at least) would be, roughly
speaking, "no" and "it could have been worse."

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