NZ peace petition

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Sep 16 15:08:06 MDT 2002

Thanks Josh for posting the petition.

I did say that the middle parts of it were fine.

The problem is that it starts with a blanket and undifferentiated
condemnation of 'terrorism' and support for 'terrorists' being brought
to justice.  Of course, this means in imperialist courts.  But people
who support national liberation struggles and radical social change
cannot support the US and Britain putting Third World people on trial
for fighting for freedom.  (I should add here I do not think the Sept 11
people are freedom fighters, they are right-wing enemies of freedom -
but they were created by the US and I oppose any attempts by then US to
put even them on trial.)

Right now, the Americans are closing in on Jose Maria Sison, the
Philippines revolutionary leader in exile in the Netherlands.  He and
his movement (which is a mass, liberatory movement) have now been
officially declared terrorists by the US government.  Does Josh support
him being put on trial?  If not, I suggest Josh should not support this petition.

It would be quite easy to draw up a short, principled petition, which
opposed the 'war on terror' and called for no NZ support for it.  End of
story.  There is no need to include the rubbish in the opening paragraph
of the petition or to demand an increased global role for NZ imperialism
as it does at the end.

Philip Ferguson

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