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A question about the recent 'reform' of immigration
law in the USA - what exactly has happened with work
visas? And, how are they being addressed by the
immigrant rights movement?


Main issues: Patriot Act, summary tribunals,
deportation with only administrative hearing if at all
... etc.  If an immigrant is suspected of links with
terrorism but there is no evidence at all but it has
some technical violations or otherwise serious one of
the immigration law are deported without due process.
Arround 27 countries had been excluded from automatic
work visas.  Most of them from the Middle and Central
Asia, and other countries like Inndonesai, etc.
Countries like Colombia - about half a dozen now
outside the Middle East and Central Asia - which have
organizations that had been included in the terrorist
list are particlularly screened.  So are countries
that they have peculiar forms of acute class struggle
(Argentina, etc).  Of the latter, 80% of requests are
denied.  Average.  Most funds for immigrant rights
groups are drying up.  About a dozen or so went
bankrupt, including the NCCIR - the largest in
California.  Other traditional organizations are
either a) timidly raising some issues about putting
back on the agenda the question of amnesty (with the
militant absence of Democrats this time); b) others
like LION are now trying to re-convince the AFL-CIO
and the unions to do something about and re-initiate
their campaign (SEIU is doing a letter writing
campaign, few others small demos) and c) there are
some exceptions of org. trying to do something more
like lawsuits and demos.  Some of both has occurred in
the last few months.

"Here in Colombia J-1 visas - student work visas - are
a new growth
industry. These visas are issued to currently enrolled
students to work int he USA during their school
vacations. The jobs
offered are thinly disguised bottom of the barrel
minimum wage jobs."

Is a growing industry in many countries.  The problem
is there are a number of scams and frauds involved.
Recently few lawyers here and there had been arrested
for applying falsely in the name of some corporations
that said they never heard or requested immigrants.

"Applications are basically SOLD by US based
businesses (many of them
headquartered in and around San francisco, CA.).
Applicants are charged
a variety of fees by the business - ussually totaling
around $1,000 US."

Cheap, they are lawyers here who charge for the same
up to $4,000.

Hope this answer your questions.


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