on attacks on the Left was Re: Open letter to Michael Berube

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 16 16:52:39 MDT 2002

I have always been a bit puzzled by such attacks as Berube has
launched.  The Left is so insignificant - we are as low as the grass that
the birds have to bend down to pick at. It often seems to me that the right
have to invent a left in order to attack it.

But of course the Right are often better dialecticians than many of us
leftists.  There is a fear about this war that it could go wrong;  that it
might not be a quickie. In such an eventuality there would be an
accentuation of the  political crisis which could possibly lead to links
being made with the ever ripening economic crisis.

So we have Bereube's pre-emptive strike.

Here in Oz there is a feeling of unreality as our politicians march us into
war despite polls showing 60% disapproval of any such war.

Yesterday I showed my students the excerpt from  Michael Moore's The Awful
Truth that dealt with Jack Welch's salary and the selling of Iraqi oil at
60 cents a gallon. This was very much a pre-9/11 episode and I wonder if
Moore could get away with it now.  But my students loved it Not for the
first time I realised how great an artist Moore is.  He had my students
convulsed with laughter and yet he also told them things they did not know
and which given the present pre-war atmosphere they desperately needed to know.



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