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Chuck Grimes (quoted by Louis Pr), sayeth to Prof. Berube:

"To be anti-war in the US context is to be anti-imperialist, because all US 
wars are imperialist. Ever since the middle of WWII, the US
has pursued nothing but imperialist wars, in which the closing chapters of 
WWII set the stage in Asia and Western Europe."

Grimes is a mild person, indeed. Let us forget the criminal war waged 
against the First Nations and mixed Mexican-Indian cultures (do you think 
that Gerónimo is an originally American Indian name?). Let us also forget 
the war on Mexico or the interventions and aggressive invasions to Central 
America and the Caribbean (which date back even before the American Civil 
War; for example William Walker, in the name of the United States, invaded 
Nicaragua and established slavery there!). Let us forget all the beautiful 
and great deeds of the Ravaging Eagle in the far past.

Let us stick with the classical definition of imperialism, such as 
described by Hobson and thematized by Lenin. The United States of America 
is an imperialist nation since, at least, the early 1890s. Thus, whatever 
the United States of America does in the field of international policies is 
international imperialist policies. So that the undisputable starting point 
is _not_ World War II, nor its preparatory years (when the USA forced 
embargo after embargo on Japan until the Japanese bourgeoisie had to become 
a sworn enemy of the USA!). The starting point is the "splendid little war" 
of Teddy Roosevelt, that move whereby the USA established their grip on 
Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. 1898 at the very least. From that 
year on, the United States of America is an imperialist nation and even the 
eventual "good will" missions by the United States will imply death and 
destruction on whoever accepts those missions as honest gestures of kindness.

The hard fact is that the United States of America cannot but kill, maim 
and harass foreign populations. Because that abstraction, "the United 
States of America" is, in fact, the armed branch of the American 
bourgeoisie. And the American bourgeoisie has important overseas interests, 
as great as (and maybe far greater than) their domestic interests. The 
American State is designed in such a way as to foster and protect those 
interests, be it at home or abroad. And, of course, this protection must be 
given _especially_ when the mobs, either at home or abroad, contest those 
interests. Thus "humanitarian interventions". Humanitarian!

This is what serious people define as imperialism, Prof. Berube. Failure to 
acknowledge this implies failure to understand why the very mention of the 
name of the United States of America spells hatred and derision the world 
over, professor Berube.

Louis Proyect

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