Scottish paper says Bush team planned Iraq war before 2000 election,,,

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Sep 17 17:01:47 MDT 2002

Yes, Richard, some of us had known about it, but its reintroduction at
this moment is most useful.  Also most useful is your forward of the URL
for the PNAC.  I noted some familiar signatories to their purpose

Elliott Abrams *
Gary Bauer *
Jeb Bush *
Dick Cheney *
Eliot A. Cohen
Midge Decter
Paula Dobriansky
Steve Forbes *
Aaron Friedberg
Francis Fukuyama *
Frank Gaffney
Fred C. Ikle
Donald Kagan
Zalmay Khalilzad
I. Lewis Libby
Norman Podhoretz *
Dan Quayle *
Peter W. Rodman
Stephen P. Rosen
Henry S. Rowen
Donald Rumsfeld *
Vin Weber
George Weigel
Paul Wolfowitz *

This roster certainly adds legitimacy to the Scottish Sunday Herald's

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