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Wed Sep 18 02:10:59 MDT 2002

Generally, I'd not lose any sleep over polls or surveys.

It is only a very reasonable view that something like the Taliban shouldn't be
running anything that effects other peoples' lives...ever...anywhere.  Because
the vast majority of those who share this very reasonable view don't see the
world primarily in class terms, they wouldn't see the power of the U.S. as a
particularly questionable means of expressing their hostility to the Taliban.
And taking action before September 11 could have meant anything...including
taking away its borrowing card for the video store.

Polls and surveys are increasingly showing the relationship of such statistical
approaches to the need to measure the impact of public relations and
advertising in the 1920s and 30s.  They are almost never formulated to clarify
an understanding of something like public opinion.  Conversely, they are almost
always are formulated in such a way as to allow those taking them to vent and
to feel as though somebody's actually listening.

...much like my boss, if the truth be told.

Mark L.

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