Pilger on Palestine

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Wed Sep 18 02:17:13 MDT 2002

I was watching in an ex-prisoners house. We were silent till it finished.
The show did the job - a total blast of the Israeli policy of ethnic

It went through the history, showed how Begin et al were all terrorists.
Then he asked leading Israelis how did they justify their new found position
on 'terrorism'. They just said things have changed since 9/11.

The interesting bits was how the Israeli fortifications in the Gaza strip
and West Bank are interconnected with 'Israeli'-only roads (with wire to
prevent Palestinians using them. This is why the Palestinians have to wait
so long to get from one village to another. It seems clear that the
rationale behind all this is to force every single Palestinian out in the
long-term. This is true ethnic cleansing and was highlighted well in the

Pilger is also doing a good job with the Mirror which has adopted an openly
hostile attitude to the War against Iraq so British coverage isn't all that
bad. Irish coverage (RTE) is even less supportive of the war and is adopting
much greater distance from the British Government than I've ever saw
before - I'm not sure why this is but its certainly apparent.

I'm going to ring around to see if anyone has the full-show then we'll set
about copying if necessary.


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