Forwarded from Nestor (Hugo Blanco)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Sep 18 09:04:55 MDT 2002

The political differences between the supporters of Hugo Blanco and my own 
party are too obvious to mention.
However, Blanco is -and deserves to be- a living hero of the peasants and 
workers of Perú.

We in the PIN are not in a position to give our monetary support to Blanco, 
for reasons as evident as painful.

But we urge all comrades the world over, and particularly those cdes. who 
are in the First World, to help Hugo Blanco and to save his life. If our 
class enemies help each other when in distress, we cannot stay quiet while 
one of our main representatives in Latin America is facing death in Mexico.

I hope that this note, written by a political adversary of Blanco, helps to 
bring to the consciousness of our cdes. the actual meaning of the word 
"international solidarity".

Thank you all,

Louis Proyect

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