Why Hobsbawm remained a Communist

Mark Jones markjones011 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Sep 18 16:15:15 MDT 2002

At 18/09/2002 22:30, Ed wrote:
>What shockingly awful, self-serving stuff this is!

I'd be interested to hear why you think so, Ed. There seem to be two quite
opposite reasons people have for rejecting Hobsbawm.

The key quote in the Guardian critique of Hobsbawm is probably this:

>Hobsbawm, Judt says, "clings to a pernicious illusion of the late
>Enlightenment: that if one can promise a benevolent outcome it would be
>worth the human cost. But one of the great lessons of the 20th century is
>that it's not true. For such a clear-headed writer, he appears blind to
>the sheer scale of the price paid. I find it tragic, rather than disgraceful."

Mark Jones

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