Frontlines newspaper Nr. 4 is out!

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Frontlines Newspaper Nr. 4 is out!
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Table of Content:

Cover: Countdown to Doomsday
Capitalism to Destroy Human Habitat?

* The factors: global warming, floods, droughts,
spread of diseases, waste, war and...

* The poisoning of air in mega-cities

* The human costs: death, food scarcity, increased

* The Planet running dry

* The world water wars

* Capitalist response: privatizations and increased

* Fossil fuels: obsolescence and exhaustion

* Experts agreed: 2015-2030, the crisis transforming
into a cataclysm

* USA, war and the environment

* Reforms won't do

Editorial: War and Madness

Letters to the Editor

Civil Rights:

Signs of Life in the Immigrant Rights Movement

Ashcroft: Hit the Road!

Centerfold: Poster on Immigrant Rights by Mike Chan

Argentinean Revolutionary Boondoggle

Labor Pains:
Bush Extends "War on Terror" to Labor: George vs. ILWU

Local Politics:

Divestment from Israel, Direct Action and Berkeley

Left Party candidates in Berkeley and San Francisco
Carlos Estrada and Abel Mouton

Frontlines editor running for College Board

Berkeley City Council elections

Workers, youth and people of color need a real left

District 6's Supervisorial Slugfest

Political machine thrown kitchen sink at Chris Daly

Watery Propositions on the Ballot

Coffee Initiative in Berkeley: Not "fairing" Well

The Left Guide to Propositions on the Ballot (San
Francisco and Berkeley)

Arts and Science:
Re-Imagining the House of the Future

Throwing Art to the Wind
An environmental sculptor uses nature

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