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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Sep 19 05:49:38 MDT 2002

Nestor asked:

> Could cdes. give me some info on the German Marxist Robert Kurtz?
> At a first glance, he sounds like a Luxemburgian Marxist economist.


I think you are doing Rosa a great injustice. Perhaps Robert Kurz borrowed a
few economic concepts from her, but I would rather see Robert Kurz as a
variant of post-modernism, than as a Marxist.

Kurz is the intellectual head of the Krisis group. They are using economic
concepts found in 'Kapital', but they detatch it totally from the class
struggle. Actually they deny that the working class and the capitalists are
antagonistic classes. So any idea of a proletarian revolution is alien to

This does not make them followers of Rosa in my eyes.


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