What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #509 September 18, 2002

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                                Issue #509
                            September 18, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: NO WAR ON IRAQ!

On September 12, George Bush delivered an ultimatum to the UN: back US
aggression against Iraq or be "irrelevant". Green Left Weekly explains
why Bush failed to provide any justification for a war against Iraq.



 * Bush ultimatum brings war closer


 * November 14: Protest against WTO & war!
 * ISO welcomes debate on regroupment of the left
 * A step toward a stronger socialist left


 * THIRD WORLD: An epidemic of neglect
 * ISRAEL: The real `rogue state' in the Middle East
 * INDONESIA: Beginning of end for Megawati?
 * NEW ZEALAND: Clark government moves right
 * UNITED STATES: 9/11 relatives: `War is not the answer to terrorism'


 * AMWU fights it out in court
 * Coroner investigates petrol sniffing crisis
 * The grave with four walls
 * Commission attacks NSW CFMEU
 * Beating the backlash against women


 * Socialist Alliance approaches Victorian registration
 * `Illegality is not the issue'
 * Fight to declare UWA a refugee safe haven
 * Students vote for refugees in low key elections
 * Activists to challenge for UWA guild positions
 * OPM denies responsibility for Freeport attack
 * Pampas workers strike for pay rise
 * Australian police implicated in people smuggling
 * Socialist Alliance stands in Cunningham
 * Residents stop mobile phone tower
 * Anti-WTO coalition turns down anti-war demand
 * Musicians to perform for refugee rights
 * ATO unionists to strike
 * `Radical times' conference slams war plans
 * Foreigners and local interpreter detained in Aceh
 * 300 attend anti-war meeting


 * Kim Stanley Robinson on science fiction and socialism
 * The Great Pretender
 * The other September 11
 * Priests against the empire
 * A Sudden Cry of Pain
 * Radio doco on 1973 strike


 * and ain't i a woman?: Women's liberation in Cuba
 * Editorial: Labor sells out on war


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