Frontline Issue Eight is out.

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Frontline is the journal of the International
Socialist Movement, a Marxist Platform of the Scottish
Socialist Party.


Editorial - The world economy in crisis.

Trade Unions - As the left win victories in the
leadership of Amicus-AEEU and the PCS Ritchie Venton,
trade union organiser for the SSP, looks at the
prospects for the trade unions in the coming period.

One Year of the 'War on Terrorism'  - Phil Hearse
looks at the first year of the 'war against
terrorism'. What is the strategy of US imperialism and
with an attack against Iraq on the agenda, what should
the anti-war movement do?

The United Front Today  - Nick McKerrill examines the
question of the United Front. What do they mean in the
21st century, and is the SSP just another 'united

Where is the SWP going?  - Murray Smith takes a
detailed look at the origins of the SWP and the
political direction it is taking within the SSP, the
Socialist Alliance and internationally.

Venezuela: The End of 'Chavism'?  - Venezuela's Hugo
Chavez has outraged the USA with his populist policies
and links to Fidel Castro and Colombia's FARC rebels.
But in the aftermath of a failed coup against him, we
look at the prospects for 'Chavism'.

The Rise of Political Islam  - How did Islam become a
political force in the world? What next for this
religion? We present an article by Iranian communist
Manzoor Hekmat, who died recently.

Science - The great Darwinism debate. One Marxists
view by Steve Arnott.

Carravagio - Kenny McEwan looks at Italian realist
painter Carravagio.

dot.communism - In our regular column on the wired
world Alister Black looks at blogging.

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