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Thu Sep 19 08:53:35 MDT 2002

>Hi, I am an NYU grad student at the Center for Latin American and
>Caribbean Studies, with a focus on Guatemala and Human Rights.  I would
>like to recommend a book entitled "Shattered Hope" by Gleijeses.  The
>author details the Marxist beliefs of Jacobo Arbenz...a great insight into
>such an interesting person's mind!  The author accessed Arbenz's wife and
>other key members of his government, something no other author has done to
>Any solidarity meetings in NYC that you would like to inform me about
>would be great.  Also, I participate in a working group in solidarity with
>Guatemala, which is run by members of the URNG and the Rigoberta Menchu
>Tum Foundation.  We are bringing a speaker in to the city at the end of
>october and are looking for places for him to speak.  I can forward you
>info if you like.
>peace, Brian.

Brian, I forwarded your message to Marxmail. Please keep me informed about
events in October and I will notify the list.

Louis Proyect

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