Bush declares, um, what's the opposite of EVIL empire?

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{From the Capo-di-Tuti-CEOs.  This is worth tracking. A marvel.  --c.}

Bush to Outline Doctrine of Striking Foes First

New York Times, September 20, 2002

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 — On Friday, the Bush administration will publish
its first comprehensive rationale for shifting American military
strategy toward pre-emptive action against hostile states and terrorist
groups developing weapons of mass destruction. The strategy document
will also state, for the first time, that the United States will never
allow its military supremacy to be challenged the way it was during the
cold war.

In the 33-page document, Mr. Bush also seeks to answer the critics of
growing American muscle-flexing by insisting that the United States will
exploit its military and economic power to encourage "free and open
societies," rather than seek "unilateral advantage." It calls this union
of values and national interests "a distinctly American

The document, titled "The National Security Strategy of the United
States," is one that every president is required to submit to Congress.
It is the first comprehensive explanation of the administration's
foreign policy, from defense strategy to global warming. A copy of the
final draft was obtained by The New York Times.

It sketches out a far more muscular and sometimes aggressive approach to
national security than any since the Reagan era. It includes the
discounting of most nonproliferation treaties in favor of a doctrine of
"counterproliferation," a reference to everything from missile defense
to forcibly dismantling weapons or their components. It declares that
the strategies of containment and deterrence — staples of American
policy since the 1940's — are all but dead. There is no way in this
changed world, the document states, to deter those who "hate the United
States and everything for which it stands."

Full article (really worthy of a read –and a re-read!):

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