Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Sep 20 09:13:20 MDT 2002

>Whether or not Zionist hackers have had any
>role in this, it is apparent that Yahoo has
>been all too willing to buckle under pressures
>from Zionist interests.
>Jim F.

Speaking of Zionist interests, there's a website called Campus Watch
( that can best be described as a witch-hunt
against anti-Zionist professors. It has a section called "Dossiers on
Professors" (!) that includes Mohammad S. Alam (Mohammad J. Alam's father)
and Snehal Shingavi, an instructor out at U. Cal Berkeley, ISO member and
Marxmail subscriber. What's particularly insidious about this website,
besides its thought-control agenda, is that it does not say who started it,
who funds it, etc.

Louis Proyect

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