From Hunter Gray: Moderator's note to Redbadbear and Marxist

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Fri Sep 20 10:23:47 MDT 2002

I'm posting this to Redbadbear and Marxist.

[And simply for general solidarity info purposes, I'm posting this on
Marxism Discussion and Solidarity as well.]

I'm taking the rather unusual step for me of shifting, on both of these
lists that I moderate , to formal  prior approval for any new List members.
Approval from me, I should add, will be very conventional -- pro forma in
virtually every instance.

We have now had, on Marxist, a  recent succession of seven or eight
appearances of strange e-mail names [like fourth rate sci-fi pulp stuff]
posting a website which, in addition to obviously being out of our very
broad subject purview, also appears to be functionally non-existent,  My
response on each occasion has been to dump the bizarre e-mail name and
formally ban it.  But, invariably, a day or two later, we go through the
ritual once again -- with a new, and just as weird name.  [Typical names,
banned, are these and similar variants:
euonvogoozag and dvtxzpgianmnz .]  A few days ago, I noted that there are
three or four names of this nature backed up on our Marxist membership
list -- ostensibly inactive -- so we may have a few more instances of all of
this from current "sleepers" despite my "approval" requirement.[I don't want
to remove any name without proof of perfidy.]  Yesterday, I noted that,
within five minutes of my banning the latest, a new one had signed on.

At this point, standard practice on Redbadbear is for the messages to be
archivally viewed only by members and, on Marxist,  open to the public.
This is the way each list started and, at this point, I'm inclined to stick
with precedent on those arrangements.

Other than odd glitches, Yahoo seems fairly normal at this point.

Locally, here in Idaho, where we live on the far, far upper "frontier" edge,
we've had  -- since we came in '97 -- all sorts of "official" and racist
harassment. Quite recently there have been some very strange things --
obviously surveillance..  Our website contains much of what's gone on in
this vein over the past several years -- and we'll soon be doing updates
and, possibly, even some new public posts on the matter.

Fraternally / In Solidarity --

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear]
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and a sketch of Thayendanegea

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