Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Fri Sep 20 16:25:29 MDT 2002

--- "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at> wrote:
> If they were repetitions from Marxmail, then your mail client isn't
> telling
> your pop3 server at the ISP to delete the item after it's been
> downloaded.
> For OE, look under tools>accounts> [yr pop3 mail]
> >properties>advanced and
> make sure the box to leave a copy on the server is unchecked.

That's the thing--they weren't from Marxmail. I got 'em on my
Mindspring and APS (Atlanta Palestine Solidarity) accounts as well.
>From different people. It looked so much like that recent spat of
pro-Israeli spam I just threw it all in the trash.


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