Fwd: Brazil-Argentina Defense Alliance Could Hurt U.S.

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Fri Sep 20 17:33:53 MDT 2002

Can anyone explain what's behind this?

Thanks in advance,


>>Brazil-Argentina Defense Alliance Could Hurt U.S.
>>16 September 2002
>>Brazil is calling for an "integration" of its national defense doctrine
>>with that of Argentina. The goal is to build a common South American
>>defense policy based mainly on preventing the United States from
>>establishing a permanent military presence anywhere in the region. If
>>Argentina accepts the proposal, it could undermine U.S. efforts to build
>>hemispheric military support for battling regional rebels and drug
>>Brazil's government is quietly lobbying political and opinion leaders in
>>Argentina to accept a proposal for "total defense integration" between the
>>two countries, Buenos Aires daily Clarin reported. By "integration," the
>>Brazilians mean the adoption of a common regional defense doctrine but not
>>the actual merger of the armed forces of both countries.
>>If Argentina accepts the proposal, Brazil intends to use it as a
>>cornerstone to build a larger regional defense alliance, with the objective
>>of establishing a permanent demilitarized zone in South America, Clarin
>>reports. If enough countries sign on to such a plan, it could mean that no
>>military forces from outside the region would be allowed permanent station
>>in most of South America.
>>The Brazilian proposal also would commit Argentina, and any other countries
>>in the region that buy into it, to respect the principles of national
>>sovereignty and non-interventionism in the internal affairs of other
>>nations. In essence, any participating country would be off limits to
>>extra-regional forces. This would suit Brazil's needs perfectly.

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