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Fri Sep 20 21:32:35 MDT 2002

Campus Watch speakers and consultants include:

William Kristol, you may know of his very conservative paper the
Weekly Standard, Judith Miller of The New York Times, Michael Rubin,
an American Enterprise Institute fellow Two characters for the
Washington Institute, and Meyrav Wurmser, Director of the Center for
Middle East Policy, Hudson Institute, Daniel Pipes, pro-Zionist of the
Middle East Forum who also writes for William F. Buckley’s National
Review --that advertises a cruise to Mexico with Milton Friedman and
Kenneth Starr, if anyone here is interested in going along (IF only we
could pool our dough and send Louis and a few other select
personalities from our midst!).

Both National Review and Campus Watch banner ads for Reed Irvine’s
reactionary Accuracy In Media.

Directors for Accuracy In Media.:
J0an Hueter, Former President, National Association of Pro-America
Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch
Malcolm E. Smith, Retired Advertising Executive
John W. Uhlmann, President, The Uhlmann Companies
Dr. Paul Busiek, Researcher
James Davis, Financial Consultant

Accuracy In Media National Advisory Board: Charlton Heston, Actor
Dr. Edward Teller, Physicist, Co-founder of Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory Arnold Beichman, Writer and Analyst Midge Decter,
Writer Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, USN (Ret), Former Chairman, Joint
Chiefs of Staff R. Adm. William C. Mott, USN (Ret), Vice-President,
National Strategy Information Center Harry G.A. Seggerman, President,
International Investment Advisors, Inc.

Dr. Charles A. Moser, Professor, Emeritus, George Washington
University Walter Seifert, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University
Dr. Frederick Seitz, President Emeritus, Rockefeller University Lloyd
H. Smith, Independent Oil and Gas Producer James L. Tyson, President,
Council for the Defense of Freedom (no relation to Mike Tyson as far
as I know).

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