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Fri Sep 20 21:33:59 MDT 2002

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"A correction. This website was spawned by the reactionary Middle East Forum
that is run by Daniel Pipes. ("

This is absolutely correct. This site has been in operation for a couple of
days now, and is clearly nothing more than a hitlist, a sort of reference
guide for internal distribution among Zionists so that they may carry out
their intellectual gansterism--harrassing phone calls, e-mails, etc. Or
perhaps even more direct forms of harrassment.

 One gentleman who e-mailed my father said that, as department chair, he had
 to resign his position because Pipes and his gangsters orchestrated a massive
 campaign against him. One will also notice that the actual institutions
 hosting the 'targets' in question are up on the website as well.

No one should really be surprised by this; combined with the multi-million
dollar ad campaign soon to run in 100 cities sponsored by more Zionist
organizations about the wonderfulness of Israel, it is an attempt to stem and
silence recent anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist trend that is inevitably
growing, as evidenced by the inability of Netanyahu to speak at a Canadian

It should also be said that cyber-infiltration by Zionist groups on e-mail
lists and such is underway as well. Apparently outsoucing the dirty work to
hackers from China, Zionists have sent out, on behalf of various people
critical of Israel, hundreds of hate-filled messages either to the general
public, or to one's own e-mail correspondents, to sow anger and
confusion. This too has already happened to my father.

At least for now, the student movement is, I will guess, most definitely going
to be on the upswing. The ISO, which when I was a member of it could never
sell more than five or six papers on campus in a couple hours, now regularly
sells 40-50 in a one hour period, which leads me to believe that the combined
anti-war and anti-Zionist strength on campus may become high.

Neither my father nor myself [both in the middle of writing a pieces on
Anthony Lewis and Zionism, respectively],plan to stop writing speaking, or
will retreat or withdraw in the face of these cowardly acts, though certainly
it has made life a little more tense.

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