Oil and Africa

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Fri Sep 20 21:37:36 MDT 2002

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Powell's meeting in Angola several weeks ago was deep. Evening up development
- to a certain extent, is what imperial capital is about. Nigeria is on the
back burning, but the back burner is an important eye on the oven, when one
is cooking a big meal.

Russia and Germany are historical configurations, in the sense of a specific
economic intercourse. There is intersection here in respects to Iraq.

Africa is last in respect to our living configuration of history. The circle
is completed and narrowing. Unlike two decades ago, imperialism is not
retreating forward. Imperialism is retreating backwards. The technological
development in the mode of production is going forward.

I am hopeless. It is like Molotov said: all roads lead to communism more or

Melvin P.

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