(fwd from Shannon Sheppard) Re: Reference Center for Marxist Studies

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Sep 20 21:34:44 MDT 2002

Re contacting the Reference Center for Marxist Studies in New York, they
have a couple of email addresses.  Have you tried the following:

Chief Librarian
Mark C. Rosenzweig, MLS
Phone: above, or (212) 865-6925
Email: mrosenz at cpusa.org, or iskra at earthlink.net

I know Mark checks the "iskra" account frequently during the day.  Please
feel free to use my name as a referral.

Shannon Sheppard, MLIS
Holt Labor Library
50 Fell St.
San Francisco, CA  94102
phone:  (415) 241-1370
email:  holtlabor at holtlaborlibrary.org
web:    http://www.holtlaborlibrary.org

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