The Twilight Zone

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Fri Sep 20 21:38:11 MDT 2002

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It sounds interesting.  Just some random thoughts.

First, there is already something that sounds similar on US tv these
days.  It's called Outer Limits.  Aside from very cheap special effects,
the worst thing about that series is the insufferable moralizing that
the voice-over always does in the end.  Hopefully The Twilight Zone is
not like this.

Second, I have heard that these kind of gated community is not entirely
fictional.  Perhaps these are just rumors?  But supposedly Disney
manages some such "communities" where all residents must adhere to some
uniform code of conduct and appearence.  If one's lawn is not managed to
a picture-perfect standard, for example, Disney would send its people to
attend to it and remove any offenseive objects and rearrange it

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