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"Where anti-Semitism and views that are profoundly anti-Israeli have
traditionally been the primary preserve of poorly educated right-wing
populists," he added, "profoundly anti-Israel views are increasingly
finding support in progressive intellectual communities."

No one asks why views of progressives are becoming increasingly
"Anti-Israeli". Instead they simply lump anti-Semitism together with
criticism of Israel, in a leap of faith and a leap of madness that would
have the world believe the only reason to stand against Israel is because it
is Jewish. This canard is one of the issues I plan to take up in an upcoming
essay, but a brief response:

First, of all, let us not lose sight, in objective terms, of who the racist
is. And then there are two types of racists: those who run around in white
clown costumes or brand insignia on their arm, and then those who hide
behind severe distortions and simply hurl back the accusation of racism on
groundless terms.

Therefore, when the pro-Zionist elements accuse the majority of anti-Israeli
criticism as anti-Semitic, we should express no surprise. For we should
remember that since the Palestinians bear only a superficial biological
resemblance to human beings in their eyes, it is only natural that they will
not consider their mistreatment a cause for concern among decent people.
Therefore, what other motive is left, but anti-Semitism?

Israel would not exist without removal, ethnic cleansing, looting,
massacres, and so on. This is not mere rhetoric, but grounded concrete fact
available in the latest works of Israel's own critical historians based on
declassified archives, which I am also using again in this upcoming article.
Are these Jewish historians themselves 'anti-Semitic'?

The very term 'anti-Semitism' in this conflict is an historical absurdity,
because it turns out the Arabs are more semitic than the Jews of European
descent. This if only a minor technical point, but used to illustrate a
larger one: the conflation of European madness, ie. Nazism, with Arab
behavior. This is an artificial grafting that attributes false motives
based on a severely fucked up theoretical substitution of forces.

But this is not all. Why is it that various Left Jewish, and various Left
groups that have a good number of Jews, standing against Israel? More to the
point, why are they themselves victims of anti-Semitism--from the Zionists?
The harrassment they receive is viciously personal and along the lines of
'why didn't you die in the Holocaust', judging from an article from Fisk
about threatening e-mails and an on the scene report of a rabbi protest
against Zionism, and so forth.

""His remarks were very important," said Abraham H. Foxman, national
director of the Anti-Defamation League. "What's frightening is that
we've been seeing the rise in anti-Semitism again, and there are so few
people willing to stand up and say anything.""

Foxman of course is a man of outstanding moral character. He pimps a
so-called civil liberties organization
whose main purpose is to infringe on the civil liberties of anti-apartheid
and Left activists around the country, and like Hillel, openly boasts about
ties with the Israeli government, which no doubt includes Mossad-type

This is hysterical nonsense. What "we've been seeing", for 50 years, is the
total dehumanization and strangulation of millions of people without any
rights, any home, and any viable means to survive. This is of course of no
concern to Foxman. One or two attacks by mindless morons against Jews in one
or two countries, however, brings up the spectre of an imminent worldwide
anti-Semitic conspiracy and pogrom. That is a pathetic attempt at
sensationalism. Muslims in Palestine are suffocated; Muslims in Iraq are
starved; Muslims in Chechnya are 'disappearing'; Muslims in Chinese
provinces have been sold for support on bombing Iraq; Muslims in America are
being locked up without anyone knowing--therefore, most logically, it is
clear that it an anti-Jewish crusade that is being conducted around the

The whole nature of Zionism, on a political level, is to conceal the
existing relationship between colonizer and native on every plane by
inverting it. This latest canard is no different.

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