WWP on Bush's 'Nat'l Security Statement'

Greg Butterfield gregb at wwpublish.com
Sat Sep 21 21:00:36 MDT 2002

Workers World Party answers Bush's
'National Security Statement'

The arrogant corporate gang now controlling the White
House has issued a "National Security Statement" that is
nothing short of a blueprint for Washington and Wall
Street's domination of the world. It is a declaration of
war on the world's working class and all oppressed

Under cover of empty promises of justice and freedom, it
is a message to all countries that still maintain some
independence to submit their population to the capitalist
market controlled by imperialist monopolies. It is a
message even to all imperialist rivals-Japan and Western
Europe-that they must accept U.S. hegemony or suffer
consequences. It promises that U.S. forces will occupy the
world and demands all other countries contribute their
youth for cannon fodder and their wealth to pay the costs.
Not even Hitler Germany could dare to make such a broad
claim to the wealth, resources and hands-on control of the
entire world.

It even demands that there be no progressive income taxes.
As the Roman Empire ruled ancient Europe and the
Mediterranean, the National Security Statement would have
the U.S. Empire rule the world in the 21st century.

Workers World Party notes that those who drafted this
statement themselves stole a national election where they
lost the popular vote and that they consorted with
corporate heads who are now recognized as some of the
biggest crooks in the country. Yet they have the gall to
demand "democracy" and an end to corruption throughout a
world market they intend to dominate.

But the Bush administration is not simply a gang of
usurpers. They represent the U.S. imperialist ruling
class--the bankers, billionaires, financiers, plus the
generals, CEOs and politicians who serve them. They
command the Pentagon, that is, the most dangerous
collection of weapons of mass destruction known to human
history. They can intimidate presidents and prime
ministers throughout the world. They appear invincible.
Except, except for one thing.

There is still one force that can stop them. It can stop
them if it is conscious of its own interests and it
organizes on its own behalf. That force is the working
class and oppressed peoples throughout the world and
especially the working class in the United States.

To build the Pentagon's weapons of mass destruction they
need the submission of the U.S. workers. To command the
Pentagon they need a willing supply of troops recruited
from that same class. To impose their will on the world
they need to stamp out resistance in every country, if
every country's people are determined to resist.

The Bush gang makes its "National Security Statement" at a
time when it is robbing the working class here of all its
security. It is press-ganging government workers into its
security apparatus to rob them of their unions and their
rights. It has overseen a massive rise in unemployment as
the capitalist system enters a crisis of unknown duration.
It's main "job program" is that of occupation troop-and
lightning rod for the misery of the world's people.

Workers World Party, on the eve of its Sept. 21-22, 2002,
emergency national conference, answers the "National
Security Statement" with our own "International Solidarity
Statement." We reject completely the concept that the
United States has any more rights than any other nation in
the world, and we will fight instead for the concept of
equality among all nations.

We call on all class-conscious workers, progressives,
anti-racist fighters, those who struggle against all forms
of bigotry and for the liberation of women and of gay,
lesbian, bi- and transgender people, for the rights of
immigrants, to join together to struggle against this
outrageous blueprint for a U.S. Empire.

We promise the workers and their organizations all over
the world that we will pursue this struggle and we hope
for their solidarity and mutual assistance. Only the
international solidarity of the workers and oppressed
peoples can stop the U.S. Empire before it seizes the

Workers World Party
September 20, 2002

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