Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Sep 22 02:47:47 MDT 2002

 >> A Mandelite friend of mine, who sometimes writes for 'revolution'
and who
>> was here ion the 1980s when I was overseas, tends to argue that the
>> fourth Labour government saw the destruction of the NZ LP's social
>> democratic nature and its transformation into a totally bosses'
>> (Btw, in 1990, after that government, Labour only got 25 percent of the
>> vote here, and lost some of the most oppressed working class eats to National!)
>> I think his argument is credible, but mine would place it earlier.

> That "Mandelite" was me. I in fact originated the research on the Labour
> Party, but Bruce Curtis and Shane Martin among others developed it further and
> published on it. In fact I wasn't a Mandelite at all, although I was in
> contact with Mandel, studied his works, and debated with him. He was an
> intelligent Marxist.

Perhaps I should've said a USec supporter, Jurriaan!

As I've said before, the pioneering work your group did on the LP was
extremely important and was taken on board very much by us at
'revolution' when we got going.  It was great for us to be able to
republish Bruce and Shane's research in 'revolution'.

Hope all is well with you in the Netherlands!


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