Bob Gould hasn't been paying attention

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Sep 22 03:51:18 MDT 2002

Bob Gould wrote:
> To these maximalist groupings, the sociology of existing workers'
> organisations and their supporters is unimportant.


We have elaborated at great length on the sociology of the LP in NZ.
That is a major reason why we reject the idea they are any kind of
workers' party.

It is the left which suport the LP here who have not produced one single
paper or article of note on the sociology of the LP.

Bob starts with his entrenched position and, to defend it, finds it
necessary to *ignore* the substantial sociological proof in NZ against
the idea that the LP here is a workers party of any kind any more.

His linking of us with Bordigists and lord knows who else is of the same
cloth.  Our closest friends are the pro-Mao Workers Party of NZ, and
other people with whom we are friendly include people from Lutte
Ouvriere, the CPGB, Red Action, the IRSP and left-republicans in general
in Ireland as well as a variety of people from Trotskyist and Maoist
backgrounds around Europe and North America.  WPNZ is on good terms with
substantial organisations in Turkey, India and the Philippines.

Unlike Bob, most of these people have considerable experience in
revolutionary struggles.  They would have built nothing if they had the
same line as him on the LPs in their respective countries.

Lastly, I recall Bob's comparison of the size of the membership of the
Aussie Socialist Aliance with the number of LP and union full-timers who
he defined as some kind of force for socialism.  Perhaps Bob should go
back and read Luxemburg, Zinoviev and Lenin on the central role the
development of full-time professional apparatuses in social democracy
played in the destruction of the original social democracy as a
revolutionary force.  The apparaticks he sees as forces for socialism
were seen by Luxemburg, Lenin and Zinoviev - in their classical analyses
of the degeneration of social democracy - as the forces for the
destruction of the revolutionary nature of the Second International.


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